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Control Your Thoughts, Not Your Creativity.

“You are what you think.” This philosophy has been stated numerous times, by numerous people, in a multitude of ways. Simply believing that change is possible makes change possible . . . “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you… Continue Reading “Control Your Thoughts, Not Your Creativity.”

Love And The Source Of Anger

There are those who discover they can leave behind destructive reactions and become patient as the earth, unmoved by fires of anger or fear, unshaken as a pillar, unperturbed as a clear and quiet pool.— Gautama Buddha All anger is rooted in fear. There… Continue Reading “Love And The Source Of Anger”

Learning How to Pray — With Power

Prayer is a powerful method of bettering one’s life and connecting with the Divine. Through prayer you are empowering the Heavens to bring your desires and needs to fruition. Simply through the act of prayer, you provide tranquility and harmony to your day. Over… Continue Reading “Learning How to Pray — With Power”

Calling All Peaceful Warriors…

If your world, our world seems turned upside down; if the life you knew, we all knew feels like a distant memory, then have faith and rest assured—there is a reason and a point to it all. Times of great change first create great… Continue Reading “Calling All Peaceful Warriors…”

The Truth and the Ego

The simple truth is—the ego is the devil. The ego is the darkness in our life and in the world. The ego will take us over. It is worth repeating, verifying, it is that important. Biblically, the ego is the devil. When left unchecked,… Continue Reading “The Truth and the Ego”