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Meditation for A monkey Mind

While sharing brunch with another couple, and the gentleman made a Buddha reference when he said that he can’t meditate because he has a monkey mind. This term references one’s inability to quiet their thoughts when meditating because their mind jumps around from one… Continue Reading “Meditation for A monkey Mind”

30 Affirmations for Peace and Love

Inner peace arises when we learn to let go of our inner burdens. Our minds tend to hold onto things, to thoughts, to possessions, to people we love, and to the people and things we hate. Use these simple and powerful affirmations, to extend… Continue Reading “30 Affirmations for Peace and Love”

No Worries, No Fears

So many people spend a majority of their existence being consumed by worry. They spend their days continually under the pressure of fret caused by the ego, which makes nervousness, anxiety, and stress a way of life. Like anger and hatred, the root source… Continue Reading “No Worries, No Fears”

Calling All Peaceful Warriors…

If your world, our world seems turned upside down; if the life you knew, we all knew feels like a distant memory, then have faith and rest assured—there is a reason and a point to it all. Times of great change first create great… Continue Reading “Calling All Peaceful Warriors…”